Monday, August 8, 2011

My Creative Mojo

Hi Everyone - I was told by a very good friend of mine that I needed to get my creative mojo going again. I have been negleting not only my blog but also my creative outlet. For the past few months I have been recovering from surgery and now I feel that it is time to get back on board.

Chris Hertel (chrispea) was the friend that told me to get my creative butt moving. Recently, she lost her battle with breast cancer and it was a huge shock. She was always a source of creative and personal inspiration. I watched her fight this disease with everything she had, but she was always there for anyone and everyone. She never let this disease get her down and she was always being creative in her job, with her family and with her scrapbooking. So, I am taking her advice and getting my creative mojo going.

I never did finish the class with Jessica Sprague Digi: In Deeper. Taking baby steps back into my creative realm I decided to work on another lesson. This was a lesson on Freestyle with lots of color and embellishments. This is my interpretation of the lesson:

I turned it into a layout about myself. So this is me just out of bed first thing in the morning. No make-up and no contacts. I really love how it turns a photo into a painting. This was a really intense lesson in Photoshop with a lot of layers, but well worth the trouble. I am definately going to be trying this technique again with my teenage boys.

Just a little FYI ... Big Picture Classes is having a FREE Big Idea Festival. There will be 12 days with 12 different instructors. The classes officially will kick off on August 15th. There is even a kit for purchase to go with the projects.

Now that I have gotten some of my mojo flowing, I am ready to start getting dirty. Maybe I will try a hybrid layout next. steps. Thanks Chris for getting me moving again. Love you and miss you.

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