Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here Again!

Can't believe it...I made it back and a month hasn't gone by. I haven't been all that scrappy this week. Trying to catch up on housework and I started a new on-line class. I have been wanting to learn how to Microsoft Access to help out with the Crop Around the Clock (scrapbooking retreat) database and a few other databases that I would like to have. Anyway, I found a class that is offered on-line at Westmoreland Community College. I am so excited. I have only taken three classes and have already learned so much.

Yesterday, I had lunch and a shopping trip with two of my friends. I met Chris and Debbie awhile back when I started reading blogs. Their blogs were the first two that I read and low and behold they both walked into Art-Tech when I was working. Stayed in touch through facebook and now have become friends : )

I started a layout last week and just finished it (needed to print photos). It was supposed to be for the Too Cute class at Art-Tech, but nobody signed up and so I stopped with just the one layout. It is using the Little Boy Blue line from My Mind's Eye's Quite Contrary. It is really really cute line.

When I got home I let the dog out as usual and noticed a bird sitting on the deck railing. Usually they fly away when I open the door, but this one did not. Grabbed my camera and took a photo. The bird is just a baby and I think it just started to learn to fly. It still had some downy feathers on his/her head. Once I clicked the camera it did try to fly off rather clumsily. Thank goodness the dog was on a leash because the bird didn't make it too far on his first try.

I promised myself that I am going to scrapbook for myself today. I haven't done that in a very long time (I think about five years). It has always been for someone else or I go long periods without scrapbooking as I get burned out from my "mad scrapping" (put together a lot of projects all at once) or life just gets in the way. Enough with excuses. I am sending photos to be printed this morning and them I am going to pick them up on my way back from the grocery store. I will do it. I promise.

Have a bright sun shiny day. It is beautiful here.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE that page! Have a bunch of that line sitting in my stash, I should really use it... it's gorgeous! I had fun yesterday too, can't wait to do it again!

    Now get busy SCRAPPING! Housework can always wait, it isn't going anywhere. ;)


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