Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love Digital!

I think I have fallen in love...again. First it was paper scrapbooking, then hybrid scrapbooking (alter photos and use traditional scrapbook supplies) now it is digital scrapbooking. Don't get me wrong, I still love to cut up paper, get down and dirty with inks and pain; but there is something about sitting with your family downstairs and completing a page. Best of all?!? No clean up. Plus...I love free stuff. There are tons of digital freebies out there. Everything from fonts, to Photoshop brushes and best of all paper and embellishments.

I am still rockin' with Jessica Sprague's Now We're Rockin' Photoshop class. I am trying to hurry up and get finished with this one and Digi in Deep so that I can be ready for the Digi in Deeper class that starts in February. This week's assignment for Rockin' is to do a layout about something that makes you happy. Around here it is music. Both my husband and oldest son play the guitar so there is always music playing. I got some really great shots the other day while my DH was playing.

I also have been a bit lazy when it comes to the Project 365. However, I am bound and determined to get caught up. Here are my latest photos. Day 7 ended the first week's theme 'Family and Friends'. Days 8 - 14 feature 'Things We Use'. Since I am so far behind for this week I am going to just wing the next few days. Next week and the up coming weeks I am going to be featuring each person. They are going to love that (hee hee).


Jamie + Guitar

Jake Baked a Cake

Nightly Tea

My "Work" Space

Now I am off to play catch up today. Have a great week.

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