Thursday, March 3, 2011

Come On Spring

I cannot believe how fast February flew by. March is finally here and that means SPRING is on it's way! It has been a long and hard winter here in Western PA. Sometimes, it felt like it would never get warm or we would never see the sun. Well, the sun is out, but it is still very cold.

One of the special things about February is it is my son's birthday. This year Jacob turned 13 (I now officially have two teenage boys!) and we had a really great time. He wanted to go to Outback for dinner to get a Blooming Onion (yum). For his birthday he asked everyone for cash and gift certificates. He had a fun time collecting all the money and shopping on Amazon. He just bought a new Kinex for his XBox. I like it when a video games makes them move instead of just sitting around. The great thing is he can play with his friends on-line. So here is a new digi page of his birthday:

This layout was created in Jessica Sprague's latest Digi in Deeper class. I am a bit behind, but slowly but surely catching up. Going to work on my Mouse Paper Scissors class today.

To help celebrate that spring is on it's way, Creative Charms has two new specials this month. Both the Deal of the  Month and the Kit of the month are in great shades of green. These just make me feel happy and light.

March's Kit of the Month is only $14.99 and full of great butterflies, flowers and of course bling. This kit is also being given away on the Creative Charms' blog. Be sure to go and leave a comment on the post Happy March to be entered to win.

The Deal of the Month is $6.99 and is full of fun flowers in a variety of textures and of course more bling.

One last thing. I have found two blogs that are giving away some really great gifts. On TodaysMama they are giving away an iMac and on Ali Edwards blog she is giving away a Canon Rebel XS 10.1 MP Digital SLR! Both giveaways are sponsored by Just Ask. Just Ask is one of the testing companies for BRCA. This is a valuable test to make it possible for women to know if they are carrying a specific gene that causes breast and ovarian cancer. Right now if you like their page, they are giving away up to $25,000 to help women get the test.

I received this test last year because I have a very strong family history of ovarian cancer. I already lost two aunts to the disease and another that is fighting it right now. Luckily, I do not carry the gene but we are unsure if that was the cause of my aunts' cancer. They live in Japan where the test is currently very very expensive and not covered. Here with insurance it was over $500 and that does not include the genetic counseling that is required. So, I take all precautions to live a healthy life, get my annual check ups and do self exams. As my friend Chris says (who is a recent survivor of breast cancer) "Feel your boobies" :)

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